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Top Hot Spots for Free Wi-Fi in Dallas, Georgia

Are you looking for a quiet place to get work done or study? Perhaps you want to eat and run but are looking for free Wi-Fi for a quick minute? Dallas, Georgia has lots of options for free Wi-Fi, from Chik-fil-A to the public library.

Restaurants, Stores and Libraries with Free Wi-Fi in Dallas Georgia

From quiet to rowdy, here are the best places to access free internet in Dallas:

  1. Restaurants Many restaurants offer free Wi-Fi, including Wendy’s (on Merchants Drive and on Hiram-Acworth Highway), McDonald’s (on Merchants Drive, Villa Rica Highway, and Dallas Acworth Highway), Chik-fil-A (on CTop Hot Spots for Free Wifiharlie Watts Drive), Taco Bell (on Nathan Dean Boulevard and on Dallas Acworth Highway), and Starbucks (on Hiram Acworth Highway). Subway offers free Internet at a stunning eight locations (on Nathan Dean Boulevard, Villa Rica Highway [x3], E. Paulding Drive, Charles Hardy Parkway, Dallas Acworth Highway, and Paulding Plz). If you ever want to eat and browse websites at the same time, you’ve got lots of options!
  2. Libraries Both of Dallas’ public libraries offer free Wi-Fi, which makes the library a very attractive place to work and study. Not to mention, you have access to all the books you need! Libraries include Paulding County Public Library on East Memorial Drive and New Georgia Public Library on Ridge Road.
  3. Stores Not many Dallas stores offer free Wi-Fi options…in fact, the Walmart on Marietta Highway is currently the only one! The bright side is that Walmart is a popular go-to store for almost anything you could need, so the free Wi-Fi is an even more attractive draw to do your shopping there.

Whether you’re looking to eat, shop or quietly work, Dallas, Georgia has twenty physical locations you can choose from for free Wi-Fi. That’s a pretty good selection for a population of 12,000 people!


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